Flying Start Kids is a team of passionate technology educators who love igniting a passion for tech in kids and adults of all ages. Our goal is to inspire all our learners to create confidently with technology, whether that’s though coding, game design or hardware programming.

Our educators have a wealth of STEAM and tech experience, from coding to 3D design, game design, robotics, voice technologies, VR and AR. We love getting kids inventing using the Design Thinking process and helping them understand that technology is another way to express your creativity. We love blending arts and tech as much as possible, in animations, games, wearable technologies and by inspiring kids to have a go at inventing solutions to real world problems.

Founder and Lead Educator: Jessica Bee

I spent many years working as a Technology Specialist at a number of schools in Sydney, Australia, working with teachers and students to bring cutting edge technologies into the classroom in ways that embraced new ways of learning content and massively increased engagement. My passion lead me to set-up my own EdTech Business dedicated to up skilling teachers and students in the latest advances in digital design and technology.

In a world where people regularly seem to collapse in existential panic about the effect technology is having on our children, I like to be one of the optimists. I get excited about technology, at how easily it facilitates our consumption of knowledge, at how it makes learning so much fun, at how it can be integrated into our physical, social world in ways that enhance community and collaboration. How it fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in our kids when we deliver the highest quality technological food for growing brains.

The topic of Education really gets me fired up, particularly how our current education system matches our the needs of our 21st Century Learners. Our Digital Natives if you will. It’s a huge transition for our education system to make, there are a lot of boundary pushing people out there with great ideas I love to be inspired by.

A Flying Start means caring not only about how our kids understand and navigate their digital landscape, but also how they switch off and manage screen time. I love the research of Dr Kristy Goodwin who uses evidence based data to provide the best recommendations on managing screens in your family. Her saying ‘Green time before Screen time’ is well used in our house and we heartily recommend a healthy balance between getting outdoors and getting creative with tech!







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