In my previous life I was a Technology Specialist at a number of schools in Sydney, Australia. A brilliant job which I thoroughly enjoyed until I took leave to have my own two smaller technology enthusiasts, my youngest –  Mr 5 and his older brother Mr 8. Now I’m loving my work as an Academic Programs Co-ordinator with a tech company dedicated to up skilling teachers and students in the latest advances in Ed Tech.

In a world where people regularly seem to collapse in existential panic about the effect technology is having on our children, I like to be one of the optimists. I get excited about technology, at how easily it facilitates our consumption of knowledge, at how it makes learning so much fun, at how it can be integrated into our physical, social world in ways that enhance community and collaboration.

Having said all that, as mum to two incredibly active boys, screens absolutely have their place. And screen time is limited in our house. But when it is allowed, I make sure it’s the highest quality technological food for their growing little brains. I am also addicted to finding awesome kids books to excite minds and broaden horizons, so I’d like to share clever apps and intriguing books I have found and my kids have loved.  I love to explore research for parents and educators, and will share related food for thought as well as a whole bunch of other possibly random stuff which bounces around my brain.

The topic of Education really gets me fired up, particularly how our current education system matches our the needs of our 21st Century Learners. Our Digital Natives if you will. (Buzz words make me slightly nauseous so I generally try to avoid as much as possible). It’s a huge transition for our education system to make, there are a lot of inspirational people out there with great ideas. I love to read and discuss such topics and will be sharing related thoughts.

A Flying Start means caring not only about how our kids understand and navigate their digital landscape, but also how their little bodies are nourished in our fast food environment. I am fascinated by nutrition and naturopathy. Feeding my kids wholesome unprocessed food is something I work hard at and I’ll be sharing a bit about my journey there and what I have learnt.

I used to sneer in the face of craft activities, having tried and failed miserably as my boys enlightened me that such enterprises are worthy of approximately 4 minutes attention, whilst liberal and enthusiastic propelling of craft supplies throughout the wider vicinity is fascinating for at least a good half hour. Enter frazzled underwhelmed mother. But now the boys are a bit older science / craft based activities are finally worthy of their time apparently. In a totally boy oriented way. Which means slime recipes and mess are deeply involved most of the time. Along theses lines I’ve been discovering lots of experiments to try together to foster creativity and lateral thinking. I’ll be sharing ones that worked best for us.

On top of that, I’m a yoga teacher, teaching adults and trying to interest my kids in meditation and mindfulness (ha ha ha. The robot meditation worked okaaaay…). I aim high, often fall short and yell at my kids more than I’d like. But I have a vision, try to keep a sense of humour and have a small person tugging at my sleeve right now so have to leave it there. Hope you enjoy.

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