WEB DESIGN: Holiday Sessions

Web Design HTML CSS Javascript online coaching tutoring

$55 per student for 2 hour live interactive workshop, hosted on Zoom.

Master the fundamentals of text based coding to create webpages using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Learn the basics of web development and how to construct, style and embellish your own webpage with the power of code!

Level 1: Beginners – Create web pages with HTML & CSS

Aimed at students who are curious to explore the world of text based programming and understand how web pages are created. No prior experience needed.

Level 2: Experienced Coders – Adding interactivity with Javascript

For students with some experience of HTML and CSS who are keen to explore adding Javascript to their projects. Level 1 is a pre requisite for moving to Level 2 of this course.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use headings, lists and work with images
  • Coding and Debugging
  • Styling Text and Elements with CSS
  • Write code for your own project
  • Making pages interactive with Javascript

Times and Bookings

Your place is reserved on payment. Sessions will run over Zoom. You will be emailed joining details once your payment has processed.


Sessions will be live and will require the following:

  • Computer / laptop (not iPad/tablet)
  • Ability to switch between Zoom and a browser window on your device
  • Some coding experience is useful but not essential
  • Competent computer skills (Windows or Mac)
  • Competent math skills
  • Strong internet connection

Who this course is for

  • Students who are interested in web development and how websites are made
  • Creative kids looking to make websites about their interests
  • Anyone curious about programming
  • Children age 10+