Tiggly Words
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Tiggly Words Review, Plus App Giveaway Bonanza!

Tiggly Words
I’m a big fan of iPad accessories to help engage kids with a variety of learning styles, particularly Kinesthetic and Visual learners. Research has shown that children learn faster when they are required to use their visual, auditory and tactile senses in an activity. When kids use the iPad, having to hold real world objects and manipulate them to provide answers or work creatively is a real bonus in terms of interaction and engagement with learning.

Tiggly WordsTiggly’s latest product, for kids 4-8 years, aims to help kids with phonics, reading and letter recognition. Tiggly Words is a set of coloured vowel toys children use to interact with three bright and appealing Tiggly apps. The apps also still work independently of the vowel toys, with kids able to use fingers to interact with the screen as well. Our family loves that added dimension of having something physical to interact with the screen though.The three apps, which are available to buy individually, or which come free with the set of vowel toys are:

Tiggly WordsTiggly Submarine: where kids can learn simple words with short vowel sounds and spelling patterns.
Tiggly Story Maker: where kids learn CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) patterns, short sounds, word building and storytelling
Tiggly Doctor: where kids gain vocabulary and complete action verbs to alleviate patients’ funny ailments

Tiggly Words: App Giveaway!!

If you’d like to try out these great Tiggly apps for yourself then you are in luck! We have some free Tiggly app codes to give away so you can discover the wonderful world of Tiggly for your family. Just comment below, the first nine comments will receive a code for one of the three Tiggly Words apps, chosen at random. Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Tiggly Words Review, Plus App Giveaway Bonanza!”

  1. Just jumped onto your site to find an appropriate app and look what I find! Thanks Jess!!! Perfect age bracket! Xx

  2. My daughter is a principal at a special education school, she was telling me about these interactive apps. She loved that the children are able to interact with actual objects. She has three year old and a 7 month old boys. What a great way for them to learn.

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